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This is the perfect time for self reflection, seeing your aura.. your metaphyscial body is not just colours. Its understanding yourself on a deeper level and shifting the subconsciousness to your consciousness to live a more present life.

The right side, picture left of the aura photo: Indicates one’s expressive active or masculine side, the personality one projects outward and how other people see us. The color in this position is indicative of the persona or how we project ourselves to others. This part of the picture also represents the recent past. If there is no color in this position or a hole, so to speak, this may indicate a loss of some sort, or a wish to let go of the past, perhaps a recent move, or a profound personal transformation. A hole may indicate a great and abrupt change of some sort.

The left side, picture right, of the aura photo: Indicates one’s feminine, receptive or feeling side, the part of the personality that receives, feels, accepts, and imagines. The color in this position is also indicative of what one is creating for him/herself in the near future. If there is an abundance of color here, the person may be focusing most of their attention in the future. If there is a lack of color here, the person may be dwelling on past memories and events.

The center of the aura photo, above the person’s head:
Indicates what the person is experiencing in the present moment. If there is a band of color stretching like an arc over the top of the photo, this indicates what the person’s hopes, goals and aspirations are. For example: an indigo or blue arc may indicate the person’s highest aspirations to be spiritual or artistic. A red arc would indicate more monetary or business goals.

Auras that expand out: indicate spiritual expansion, expressiveness, extroversion, social activity, and desire for connection, gregariousness, and positive outlook, sense of adventure.

Auras closer in: indicate inward focus, sensitivity, and desire for solitude, meditation, peace, tranquility, or rest. This could mean a need to express or to move out.



Red is the color of your root chakra, people with red auras are usually fearless, we know people with this aura are woke. You got a really powerful energy source within you and can easily manifest anything into your physical world. Being the root chakra means you have a deep connection with your physical body, you are sensual and passionate. But if you have a murky or dark red aura we know you may be holding onto traumas, anger, frustration or resentment. Low energy and exhaustion from burn out can also be an indicator.



The color of the sacral chakra. Creative and sensual! your energy exchange in your relationships are not to be messed with, any exchange with you is joyful and you place high value in your circles. People with orange auras are highly perceptive individuals and are great in teamwork settings. Strangers often turn into friends immediately because you’re so sociable and dynamic. Your craving for new experiences and vibrations often keep you from sitting still. If your orange aura is dull and faint in your photograph it is quite the opposite ! Meaning trouble in commitment in your relationships with any aspect (friends, lovers or work) and can even lead to addiction. 





it is rare to see pink in our aura readings but if we do we know you are gentle and a kind natured person who is loving to everyone you meet. You are naturally romantic whilst being deeply sensitive. You are comforting to those around you, often associated with the heart chakra you are bubbly and uplifting, creative and also a natural healer. Your intuition leads you through love and you can challenge any life difficulty by just being present. A beautiful reminder to be gentle with ourselves.



The color of the solar plexus chakra. 
you know how Beyonce wore that crown in her Grammys performance? That’s what I think of with this chakra. It rules our self esteem and personal power. Having a yellow aura means your vibrations of confidence, happiness, strong sense of self encourages others to be themselves! You are shining queen! Radiating like the sun. Your ability to analyse complex situations is a strength and you naturally attract abundance because of your generosity and inner joy. When the yellow is dense and darker it means the opposite, we love humble queens so over confidence and self criticism aint cute! Stop being a perfectionist to yourself and don’t let your ego be controlling the way you think and act!



One of our personal favs of course! We love seeing green because its the color of the heart chakra. Vibrational energy coming through your heart. Its the centre for personal growth and healing. We know you have nothing but unconditional love and everyone else can feel that. If your green is fierce we know you are drawn to nature and are a natural self healer. People in your presence feel peaceful. Congrats on being balanced, doing self work aint easy and your mind and body want to say thank you. You are very self assertive and often feel like you have a responsibility of service to others (cos of your huge heart DUH). You are super focused driven, you have creative goals. The green aura is one that bridges the spiritual and physical world, so any high ideals and aspirations are easily created. You know when people say lead with love, “what would love do in this situation? “ that’s how youre living and you gotta keep it up.
Dark and murky green is no bueno mi amigo! As my sister would say you got the green eyed monster in ya ! Feelings of jealousy and envy are overtaking you and you are victimising yourself too much that you view every comment from others as harsh criticism. Take a breather and re evaluate and look at this situation with love. (Easier said then done obvz)

The marvellous throat chakra ! Ruler of communication and self expression. A true blue means you are a natural in expressing what you want and damn you speak your truth ! When you have light blue emissions in your photo we know you have an inner knowledge and wisdom and tend to rely on your feelings to determine what is right without needing the facts. Honesty and clarity is important to you and is a non negotiable in your personal relationships. Super smart, great philosophers. The lighter the blue - the more peaceful and positive energy you project ! We love to see it .



You are the real deal ! A mix of blue and red, which means high intuitive thinking and true understanding of the physical world. You are really suited to be a creative. You thrive on being original and innovative, you definitely don’t do what everyone else does! You experience the world in your own way, following the crowd or trends are boring for you. Can come off eccentric but your outlook on life is unmatched. Often optimistic and laughing even through the struggles. What’s most important to you is being authentic. We love meeting magenta aura souls!



Often when we see tan auras it means you are over analyzing too much of your life. Going through everything step by step methodically. Yes your practical and security conscious but your’e playing it too safe ! Live a little and let down those walls ! Tan auras usually keep to themselves and are not risk takers, you like to build foundation brick by brick. I will admit though you are able to accomplish time consuming tasks better than us who get frustrated easily, snaps for you !
Tan is not all that bad, we know you the real MVPS in long term commitment and value being down to earth. Definitely the most strategic thinkers of the pack with your linear thinking. Aint nothing stated here is a bad characteristic, if it resonates this part of you might be holding you back and you want to switch it up go for it baddie! If its working for you we know you can accomplish anything you set your mind to!



A different type of blue to look out for in your photo! When you see indigo it is your third eye chakra ! This is for my intuitive and inner knowing baddies. Its the second highest vibrational energy in our aura color spectrum and is evident that you have deep intuitive gifts. We know indigo humans can be super sensitive (I’m looking at you cancers/pisces) but you are so in tune! You often know things before they happen, hear things before they are said and dream lucidly and literally. Be careful being sensitive to others energies. Indigo auras operate from a deep depth of feeling vs logic.
Living in the moment and going with the flow is key for you, your intuition is so high, you trust it with your life and are able to understand truth and illusion in other words read through any bullshit! All of our aura colours are opposite when it is darker.. if you have a dark indigo it means you’re going through a period of self doubt, disconnection with your intuition and a time of uncertainty in your life.





A beautiful violet purple appears in your photograph means you are dynamic, charismatic and have a powerful personality. Its the color of the crown chakra!
your mission in this life is to lead and inspire others. Your guidance is a magnet for happiness and wholeness. You have high hopes for the future, having incredible knowledge and intuition works in your favour as you always “look at the bigger picture” of any situation that has turned into a shit show. 
Natural empath meaning you can easily assess the vibrations of others. Everyone describes you as an open book and you encourage others to share as you crave connection. Your reality is literally created by you as your manifestations project into the material world easily. Purple auras vibrate at a high speed and you have close connection to the universe.

No! Your polaroid hasn’t stuffed up ! If you see white in your portrait be proud ! You are an extremely rare individual ! Only a handful of you in the universe, free from personal issues, hang ups or personal problems !These individuals are highly spiritually motivated and possess a gift to be receptive to the universe and all it offers. Constantly operating from an uplifting, positive and non judgmental state. 
If we see some blurry white in your aura we need to be patient! You might be feeling like your waiting for answers and you’re constantly in a state of confusion! Don’t worry boo, universe has got your back!


Energy Bands

These bands are seen as circular colored energy - Think Halo. Indicate a strong ability or power (can be used positively or negatively)


Very intense concentrations of colorful energy - can occur anywhere. These relate to a need for empowerment - color and location will tell you what.

Points of Light 

Powerful forces are intervening on the persons behalf. They are empowering this persons life. It is a spiritual presence. Angel, Guide, Higher Being. The Intensity and location will guide you as to what the empowerment is.

Points of Darkness

These can signify an attack on the aura. In rare instances a psychic attack or energy vampire. This could indicate injury or illness, but more often it is a connection, or a person, that needs to be removed fromn their life.


Larger than points. Voids are inactive areas with little or no energy. This reveals psychological factors such as discouragement, feelings of hopeless- ness, depersonalisation and detachment. The area will guide your analysis.

The Vortex 

Like a whirlpool. Suggests fractured relationships, fear, insecurity, excessive anxiety, unresolved conflict. When localised may indicate chronic pain.

Shapes with symmetry

This signals a healthy harmonious mind, body and spirit able to accomodate change and opportunities as new learning experiences.


These are breaks and tears with jagged and irregular edges. usually gray in color. The originate in the outer layers of the aura as the result of psychic injury usually in early childhood or past life experiences. They show both physical and emotional abuse and are often found in people who have experienced physical violence at the hands of a loved one.


These extend outwards from the auras external boundary and are associated with immaturity and dependency. They are an energetic reaching out looking for support, instant gratification, selfish and unreasonable demands on others, self anointed scholars and psychic vampirism (for psychic vampires the tentacles can usually be seen reaching into someone else aura)



Indicate positive energy. The color and location offer detail i.e. a bright yellow sphere in the upper region is associated with energy of intellectual enrichment. A bright green sphere indicates healing energy is being applied to the area that it is located.


Psychic or Inuitive abilities. Psychics often have a bright pyramid of energy in the upper regions, usually in the central zone directly above the head


A large shield like patch of intense bright energy - encloses part of the body , forms a protective boundary. If the reason for damage to energy is not identified the shield may keep growing and cover the entire aura - leaving the person emotionless and unable to connect to others.

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