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Our Aura Camera 6000 uses amazing technology to capture someones biochemical energy field!
The camera has hand sensors that senses electro-dermal feedback and temperature reading in order to determine which chakras are active in your body.  Using a proprietary algorithm, a representation of aura colors are then projected onto a client’s headshot through an instant polaroid. Our polaroid camera with our Aura Cam is an instax wide 300. Our machine is specially made and shipped from los angeles and we are super excited to share it with you!

Why choose us?

Staff at vibras not only have intuitive gifts to explain your aura reading to you but know in great detail the thousands of saturations and combinations in which any aura can have to give you the most informative session. Our sessions sometimes can be up to 40 minutes because we take the time to connect and make you feel validated. 
Aura providers who only have 10 minute sessions are not knowledgeable in chakra health and use aura photography as a money grab. We pride ourselves in giving you the best experience for self reflection and understanding yourself on a deeper level. Aura photography is a very vulnerable experience and we assure that not only we are certified, experienced and knowledgable. But we deeply care about all of our clients.

thats what makes us different.

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