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one hour session

energy exchange



Emilse will be your sound journey guide

what happens in a session?

- quick chat about how your feeling, what emotions/conflicts and chakra blocks we are working with for the session
-quick astrological update so you understand the themes around the month and what feelings or changes may arise.
- breath work to start your journey
-sound bath with bowls, chimes, indigenous instruments from the amazon.
-indigenous energetic clean 
-tarot card guidance for your end of session.



Hola mi angel, my name is Emilse.
I'll be your Sound bath facilitator. Im passionate about helping people understand the amazing frequencies in your soul and using them to heal your own body.
During the sound bath, the two hemispheres of your brain are basically going to vibe out and send signals to your nervous system to tell you that you are safe. If you are new to sound baths, basically every bowl that im playing has a vibration, and each vibration connects with a chakra in your body. After a session of pure bliss, youll feel like you just had a whole nights sleep! Thats because in a sound bath, your brain gets to finally zen out and going in what we call our gorgeous theta waves. its a really beautiful experience and your soul will thank you for it! Think of it like this, your body is a machine and vessel, carrying your soul around! Sometimes we forget we are a soul in a human experience. So this is a perfect little reboot of your machine!


for your physical body

for your emotions

for your chakras

theres too many benefits to list! sound healing has been scientifically proven to lower blood pressure, pain relief for joints, muscle regeneration, helps your digestive system, improve blood circulation, reduces migraines and headaches, elimination of toxins in the body.
Seriously! All of your atoms, molecules, cells, tissues and organs function in a more synchronised way.

Emotion is energy in motion, in a sound bath we allow them to be in motion for emotional tensions and blockages to be released. Inner feelings that have been internalised can be released, better concentration and clarity, feeling more balanced and grounded. Anxiety and stress levels decreased. Releasing any heavy emotions that you may have been carrying.
Genuinely feeling lighter after your session like a cloud!

As each bowl connects to a chakra, it vibrates and connects with any blocks to be released so you can then be at a higher frequency. For example when the throat chakra bowl is being played, people tend to cough (releasing blocks that affect your communication).
After your session, your chakras are cleared and open to receive!

Cannot wait to see you! Book your session today

If you would like to add this with another person or small group i would love that! Please email me and we can discuss how we can make that happen 

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