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Lets get you understanding the aura colours!
Its not just gorg colours on a polaroid!
Lets start from the start.. did you know the colours in your photo are actually connected to your chakras? Your aura photo is your chakra health! depending what colours you have shows me which chakras are active or over active in your body. cool huh?

All of the colours are beautiful, no matter what your aura is you should honour it. Aura photography is a perfect moment for self reflection. Theres no good or bad colours. but through all lightness there is darkness, the darker the colour it might have a heavier meaning but we all must see what is working against us in order to work on ourselves. We will guide you on how to be a higher version of yourself and show your amazing potential in just one polaroid.

Its a special thing to see the energy you have.



Root Chakra energy

Everything about root chakra energy is about the physical world. Money, family, work, relationships.. but most importantly your body. Ill see with the saturation of red if your basic needs are being met. Reds are magnets to abundance (lucky girl syndrome vibes)
The thing about red auras though they are machines and never stop, never stop being busy, never stop thinking.. red are huge givers! The biggest hearts in the aura family.
This colour is all about feeling safe and grounded. 


Sacral Chakra energy

Sacral energy lives all in your belly. Its our freedom and restriction area of our soul, sometimes we feel stuck or uninspired, it means your sacral chakra is abit funky. BUT other than that did you know all of your emotions live in your tummy? thats where the saying comes from trust your gut! Depending on the colour in your sacral ill see what emotions your storing. Orange in general is frenetic energy, that can work with you or against you.. good problems solving skills or impulsivity. Orange are funny, creative and just want to love life.



Solar Plexus energy

Such a beautiful colour to have in your photo, solar plexus energy is all about our ego in the aura world. Ego is confidence and personal power, if its low energy there i can see when fear or impatience is taking over. Yellow is the colour for full circle moments in your life because its the color of actions and accomplishments! 


Heart Chakra energy

Green colors are all the teaching and learning experiences from the universe. We love seeing green auras, the brighter the better! transformational energy and inner healing whether its upgrading to a higher version of yourself by doing the inner work or just leading with love.
Our pink auras are so beautiful and the highest colour for selfless empaths. They don't really love conflict but pink auras thrive with being creative and independent.



Throat Chakra energy

Throat chakra energy if you haven't guessed already shows me a lot of your energy surrounding communication. Our throat energy holds a lot of clarity and initiation. When we see turquoise auras they have the skill of seeing the bigger picture on situations and conflicts and are able to pause and reflect and speak with depth and clarity. Difficulty expressing feelings or holding a lot of guilt can show me darker blues.


Third Eye & Crown Chakra energy

These are colours from the higher energies of our metaphysical body. Higher frequency energy from these chakras connect us with the universe, your own relationship with spirituality and your consciousness.
These colours determine your mental stamina and how you allow your thoughts to create your reality. As these chakras are connected to your brain, i can see darker saturations when you are suffering with depression, anxiety or genuinely just over thinking everything. Purple humans are introspective and analytical. When these chakras are healthy you are an excellent observer, non conformist and have amazing manifesting skills.




Light Star energy

A lot of people Haven't heard of this chakra, It is above your crown chakra and is the highest frequency. It is energy directly connected to higher power, so we see white a lot when your angels or spirit guides (orbs) come in your photo. It is the colour for divine wisdom, spiritually awakening. It's a beautiful testimony of upgrading to a higher version of yourself after doing inner work. Especially when we see pastel colours, as its this chakra meshed with another. Be careful with smeared white though as it means the chakra is off and can result in depression, panic disorders and feelings of distance or feeling lost.  


Earth Star Chakra energy

As root chakra energy is basically known as the seat of your soul, Earth star energy is the anchor of your soul. 
It is from a chakra 3-20cm under our feet and connects us directly to the vibrations of the earth. Brown is number one for intelligence and honesty in the aura family. They love routine and laying bricks one at a time with their organisational skills. This chakra holds a lot of DNA from our past life and a lot of cell rejuvenation for this life.

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