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Blurry Blue


What do the colours mean?

Something really important to say is that are THOUSANDS of saturations of each colour and THOUSANDS of colour combinations! Each colour has such different meanings especially on saturations! All colours are connected to a chakra and describe the energy you are absorbing, transmitting and have held onto even from childhood into your adulthood.We like to say the brighter the better, the darker the colour is usually a heavier meaning and an over saturation (neons/brights) can be over activity on that chakra.

What comes with a session?

Aura Sessions come with a full breakdown explanation of your aura, past present future reading of the energy in your life and a card spread.You will be surprised how accurate every detail is!
Aura sessions can go from 15 - 40 minutes depending on the breakdown of your aura! Remember with every photo you should be getting a full explanationincluding explanations of how each color is connected to each chakra, thats what you pay for! (shout out to the scammers)

When should i have an Aura check up?

You can come in whenever you like! our guidance is really recommended though for 6 month check ups to truly see and apppreciate your growth and change. Whenever you've had huge life changes or manifestations reached is also when you should come in ! If you are ever unsure just email us for guidance

What type of camera is it?

Our AuraCam 6000 is specially made from los Angeles ! It has a polaroid camera attached inside (Instax wide 300) and is connected to hand sensor receptors to use biofeedback technology to read your energy.

Why did my photo turn out dark?

Totally okay! All apart of your reading. Your energy is being shown as dark/ faded or maybe your colours are quite see through! It means you are feeling burnt out babe ! You might be exhausted or sick! When the colours aren’t as saturated it indicates a depletion of your energy ! it’s time for some self work and look after yourself. Remember theres no such thing as a black aura!BUT there is a thing as boundaries! 

Can I bring my pet?

Absolutely ! we have fur baby photos available for purchase with your session!

Why is there white streaks in my photo?

You are being guided, your crown chakra is open and you are fully conscious. This directly is proof you are connected to the universe! You are open to messages and signs that are being thrown at you. Be observant from now on ! Universe is speaking to you through your journey.

Why is theres a white spot on my portrait?

These are orbs of light ! They are protective spiritual energies watching and guiding you. We usually see these when your spirit guide is with you ! (Usually a passed loved one)

Can I book Vibras for a special/ private event?

We love events! We’ve been invited for hens parties, yoga sessions, meditation events and more! Book us for a well being day or party, we can’t wait. Send us an email with the amount of people attending and we will send through a quote !

Can you do a family portrait? 

parents can bring their bubba for sure ! You can have your bub in your couples session and see how your energy is with your child but you cannot see the energy of the child in general.

Can I take a portrait with more than 2 people?

We only accommodate up to 2 people per portrait together in a session.

Why is it so expensive? :(

We get this question a lot and boy we hear you! i wish i could do it for cheaper, the biggest answer to that question is that our equipment and monthly maintenance purchases are coming from the USA which means we pay hefty conversion rates and fees. The camera is expensive to run in itself, but we value our time and intuitive gifts that are super valuable for your session. We understand its expensive but we ensure you this energy exchange is invaluable. We trust our clients respect our self worth and time. Something i like to add is that we don't charge you by the hour or photo, we charge you by the years of experience, studying and knowledge i have to give you the best experience! something others cannot garuntee.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

All session purchases are final. We do not offer refunds.
If you are unable to attend please let us know and we are happy to reschedule your appointment for another date and time.



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